About Me!

I am James T. Ripley, a Soldier (retired now after 25 active years in the Army and four combat tours to Iraq), a husband, a father, a grandfather, a programmer, web site designer and genealogist. Well I wouldn't go as far as saying a genealogist more like a hobby really. My father was deeply into it and so I created a web page showing it because I could. Husband yes I have been married for over thirty years ( Precisely 12168 days 6 hours 58 minutes 43 seconds ) to the same girl that God gave me, you can read about that in my blog. Programmer, not anything documented, since I taught myself everything that I know about it, well maybe not all of it, I have had some great individuals that pushed me in the proper directions. I haven't been a grandfather for that long, he was born in 2016, and he lives four hours from me so I don't see him that often, however he does tell his mommy to call his PaPa.

My intent for this page is be a blogger, yes I will try to write something that took place in my life at least once a week and that will be under the Blog section. I have also incorporated a Forum at this site for Genealogy, Coding and I guess there is a whatever section, a section for whatever else per say. There is a Gallery that I have already had fun uploading images of my Grandson and my father into, I plan on adding more galleries of my life and times plus the people in my life that mean the most to me. Lastly I have my genealogy listed here I will try to keep that updated with all that I know so that I can leave all that information with my children.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback or general comments that you want to share privately with me then us the Contact page.